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When something goes wrong with your sewer systems, it can leave you with a mess to clean up. At Bill Thompson Utility Service and Excavation, we help keep your home or business safe and clean. Our sewer technicians will provide you with the assistance you need to keep your sewer lines up and running in Sewickley, PA.


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New Sewer Line Installation

When you’re building a new home or upgrading your business's sewer system, the team you pick makes all the difference. Our sewer technicians will ensure that your new sewer lines are installed on a schedule that works for you. Once we’re finished, we perform quality control to guarantee that you won’t be facing unexpected issues.

Effective Drain Cleaning

If you encounter a clogged drain, it might feel like the last straw. At Bill Thompson Utility Service and Excavation, our drain cleaning team can come to your property and get to the root of the problem. Whether your stormwater reserve needs to be drained or your sewer ejector needs to be repaired, we get rid of the clog and the problems that caused it.

Specialized Root Treatments

Strong tree roots and other underground plant systems can spell doom for your sewer system. Our sewer technicians conduct root treatments that uniquely address the concerns of your specific property. Using RootX, we eliminate the roots, evaluate existing damage, and get your sewer system back into tip-top shape.

Get Our Team on Your Side!

Your sewer system failing you is no joke. At Bill Thompson Utility Service and Excavation in Sewickley, PA, our experienced sewer technicians who take pride in their work. From system installation to root elimination, we’ve got your back. A sewer system you can count on is just a phone call away.

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